Daniel Roy Baron, President of Really Raw Media www.reallyrawmedia.com Chairman, CEO President and Founder of US Unites Network  www.usunites.com Chairman of the new 3rd political party Needs Party USA  www.needsparty.com contact Baron 442-224-4094 and info@usunites.com

Daniel Roy Baron is the American success story, continually setting the standards of excellence while expanding his interests in quality; media, charity and servant leadership.  

Baron has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee of Business and an Associates degree from Pellissippi State in advanced consultation, quality assurance, project management and business analysis.  Daniel Roy Baron President of Really Raw Media here are some of his positions.

He is the author of two books called Looking Glass Shattered trilogy about his five year journey across America and he currently working on his third book which will be about his world-wide travels.  

This is the link to my first two “Looking Glass Shattered” books 100% free;

Looking Glass Shattered: Questions and Answers that heal old wounds is a healing workshop written from my forty-five year long democrat blue dog liberal background.  The intent of this workshop is to help.  

Click on the link below to read it, hightail is a document storage system similar to drop box.


Looking Glass Shattered: Cubicle Commando to Constitutional Conservative Leader the following link is about my undercover work as a conservative and working on the Voices of Global Freedom radio with many luminaries in the conservative area.  

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I didn’t even know what the word conservative was until I lived and learned with Yoda my co-host on Voices of Global Freedom radio, then I did discover some of the conservative messages have a lot of merit and to be implemented but I also know liberal messages have merit to.  

I am working on new ways to help unite Americans together on the best of the liberal and the best of the conservative views in my third book.  

I consider myself to be a centrist independent after having extensive exposure to what it is to be a conservative while always keeping my socially liberal views that government needs to keep away from bothering individuals and it’s role is to help protect individual human rights.

Daniel Roy Backpack Baron President 2016 author of Looking Glass Shattered

Daniel Roy Backpack Really Raw Media author Looking Glass Shattered

With over twenty-one years of quality assurance experience working for Fortune 500 companies, Startups and everything-in-between he is uniquely qualified to help you and help your business.  

Click this link hear more about Daniel Roy Baron and some of his proposals for a better America.  His bid to be President of the USA was a sociology experiment on himself and his entire life has been a sociology experiment.  His favorite field of interest?  

You guessed it sociology, Baron has always been fascinated about how people live, how do we communicate, and how do we go about living our daily lives.  It is an area of interest he continuously wants to build on through the various media platforms he is creating www.reallyrawmedia.com 

Click the link to this player to learn more about Daniel Roy Baron and understand what he is about, there are a few minutes of static at the very beginning of the following video so please skip over that to hear the entire message.

With well over 200,000 connections on social media and being the host and guest of numerous media programs Mr. Baron gets his message reach out to extend to so many people, communities, organizations world-wide.

We do need quality in USA Government.  Mr. Baron’s background is unique in that he will help apply his over twenty-one years of expert techniques for consulting quality into Government, designing quality processes, ridding waste.

Helping to impose Inspector General recommendations, and he is doing what he can to help unite all 316 million Americans with US Unites network www.usunites.com and much much more.  I keep my head bald to honor our United States of America military and I know that freedom is not free.  

If all of our military where to somehow quit there job tomorrow the United States would be taken over in a heartbeat by any other country.  So I remember every single day that my freedom to create websites and do anything here in the United States is not free our military and military families sacrifice so we may live free here is my program to help our military www.coinwarriors.com

Roy Dan Baron for Potus45 at White House in DC

Daniel Roy Baron at the White House in Washington DC summer of 2016.

“Daniel Roy Baron has shaken up his life up”, “One small step for man one giant leap for human kind.” as he continues his incredulous journey as President of Really Raw Media www.reallyrawmedia.com 

This is a recent picture of Daniel Roy Baron visiting Houston Texas ground control at NASA National Aeronautic Space Agency.  It has been a great learning experience to go to museums across America and the Smithsonian at Washington D.C. is one of my favorite places to learn.

Solutions Grid by Daniel Roy Baron candidate for USA President in 2016

Solutions Grid by Daniel Roy Baron president Really Raw Media

The following is my campaign strategy and top issues to help resolve for America through being President of Really Raw Media www.reallyrawmedia.com

Really Raw Media topics

Domestic and Foreign Terrorism

Economy, Jobs, College Tuition, Immigration

National Debt and Foreign Debt

Foreign policy 

Crime-Racism, Brutality, Inner Crime, and White Collar Crime

Trust bust up Corporations too big to fail 

Bring Quality Assurance and Quality Control to Government

A Slug Line News Network

US Unites Network

National Service Program

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Roy Backpack Baron is running for President of the United States in 2016.

Daniel Roy Baron President Really Raw Media

The word impossible when broken into two words is “I’m Possible” help

Help America be United
Really Raw Media is a Voice of unity

It’s a very exciting time for America. Your voices represent a bright new future for our great nation full of more opportunities for everyone. Together, we will create a national service program that continues to gain momentum. We bring the American Dream to our www.disadvantagedleague.com The time is now US Unites Network www.usunites.com

The ways to help improve our nation we need to hear from you and here is a pay pal button and or contact Mr. Baron on areas to help bring many of his intent into fruition.



An accomplished author, broadcaster, journalist, editor-in-chief of www.aslugline.com public leader and quality assurance expert Daniel Roy Baron authored the bestseller, Looking Glass Shattered available on amazon kindle and paperback, a public servant leader quality assurance expert.

Click on this link to learn about his book Looking Glass Shattered, with 17 five-out-five stars it is award winning and so is his media company www.reallyrawmedia.com 

Mr. Baron has well over 200,000 followers throughout social media. He frequently uses this platform to advocate for uniting Americans through solutions conferences that will be setup throughout America from sea-to-shining sea, bringing about solutions to our greatest problems using www.roybaron.com/solutions-grid  

Baron has educated the public on both the failures and solutions for government.  Mr. Baron founder, producer and anchor host on Voices of Global Freedom devotes much of his time to media interviews in order to promote a free market, the honest version of capitalism, the importance of a strong family, a culture of life, winning the war on poverty, a strong military and our country’s sacred obligation to take care of our Veterans and their families.  

Baron promotes Nation Building at home #NationBuildUSA

Roy Backpack Baron for USA President in 2016

Roy Backpack Baron for USA President in 2016

Mr. Baron has long been a devoted supporter of  Veteran, Law Enforcement and Intelligence causes.  He has lived with Veteran families, promoted Veteran causes and he has been one of the nation’s strongest advocates in helping Veterans, Military, Law Enforcement and Intelligence officers, helping homeless and all suffering from poverty.  \

Learn more about his National Service Program that will bring news jobs to America, promote patriotism, and move people off of welfare roles into job roles www.roybaron.com/national-service-program

In Knoxville Tennessee, the Baron Wigler signature is synonymous with charity and helping.  Mr. Baron helped his Mom Ellie create the Midway Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation.  It has a proven track record of helping save lives and helping others from overcoming addictions.  

The most informative of addresses, include homeless shelters, intentional communities, cooperatives, co-working, Young Men Christian’s Association (YMCA), campsites and hostels across the United States have been the Baron address for over five years.  

This is explained in his award winning book Looking Glass Shattered available 100% free links at the top of this post.

Roy Backpack Baron President 2016 author of Looking Glass Shattered

Roy Backpack Baron President 2016 author of Looking Glass Shattered


His portfolio includes stays at numerous tent cities, protest movements, shelters, campsites and much much more on his travels across America.  He has added iconic soup kitchens and shelters to lists of places he has worked.

The Baron collection has grown to include interviewing, viewing homeless and intentional community properties from Washington D.C. to San Francisco CA.  His National Service Program redevelops and infuses unity among all Americans.

Mr. Baron is the award nominated anchor host and producer of the hit radio show,  Voices of Global Freedom and News Editor for Magnified View Magazine, making ratings history and receiving rave reviews and world wide attention as well, being one of the highest rated shows on the internet.   

Mr. Baron was born in Knoxville Tennessee with parents from Queens, New York.  He spent over fifteen years working as a project manager, business analyst and quality assurance expert in Atlanta Georgia.  His media business is in Texas and he is Uncle to five children.

Join Roy Dan Baron and learn what he put in his “Backpack”  to restore the American Dream and ensure we Nation Build USA.

Are you ready to Nation Build USA?  Join our “Backpack” for President team today!




Roy Backpack Baron is running for President of the United States in 2016.

Daniel Roy Baron President of Really Raw Media



Daniel Roy Baron Founder Chairman US Unites Network

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